Micropigmentation or Semi-Permanent Makeup

With semi-permanent makeup (micropigmentation) from Dr. Stice, you’ll rise ready to face each day with confidence. She has been trained in micropigmentation by the internationally recognized Finishing Touches Group in England, and performs procedures in a state-of-the-art sterile suite located on-site.

The science of micropigmentation has evolved with the advent of new pigments and more sophisticated machines, making the application safe and ideal for

  • eyebrow enhancement
  • semi-permanent eyeliner
  • lip color and lip line augmentation
  • mustache, beard or sideburn enhancement
  • scalp hair enhancement
  • burn, scar or vitiligo camouflage
  • 3D nipple and areolar restoration


The process differs somewhat from tattooing in that it uses organic and inorganic pigments instead of ink and is placed into skin layers instead of into the deep subcutaneous layers. Over a period of two to three years, pigments can fade or vary as the color is consumed by the immune system. As a result occasional touch up may be required. However, since skin and hair tones change with time, updates to pigmentation can be advantageous.

This procedure is appropriate for most people with the exception of those who tan regularly, as UVA rays will alter the pigment tones. Micropigmentation also should be avoided by anyone who needs frequent MRIs that would incorporate the treated area, since the pigments used in the process are mineral-based and could cause discomfort or affect MRI results. Individuals with glaucoma should avoid getting permanent eyeliner.

Dr. Stice uses her own sterile operating suite and can offer local anesthesia to make your experience safe and comfortable.  If you are interested in micropigmentation, call 402-758-5500 for a consultation.