Though recently popularized, fat grafting has been a tool for plastic surgeons for many years. However, new techniques and a better understanding of fat physiology have made it a predictable option to aid in volume enhancement and to improve damaged tissue. It is particularly helpful when used for procedures involving breast reconstruction, radiation injuries and cosmetic enhancements of the face.

During the procedure, fat is very gently and carefully aspirated a few cells at a time using delicate instruments. After being washed and prepared, the cells are then injected in small amounts into areas where more volume is desired or where tissue destruction has occurred.

Fat grafting is beneficial for a number of reasons, starting with the fact that Dr. Stice is able to use a patient’s own tissue to perform the procedure. The fat cells themselves improve volume while the fat stem cells rejuvenate the surrounding cells by morphing into another cell type and/or secreting an endorphin substance, which causes the injured cells to recuperate.

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