A facelift, or rhytidectomy, is a combination of procedures during which signs of aging are minimized by surgically removing excess fat around the face, tightening underlying muscles and redraping the skin of the face and neck. Eyelid surgery, lipsuction of the neck and forehead lifts are often combined with a rhytidectomy for a full facelift.

Although the average length of the operation is three to four hours, each surgeon approaches the procedure in her own way, so time may vary. Incisions usually begin above the hairline, extend in a natural line in front of the ear and continue behind the earlobe into the lower scalp. When the facial skin is loosened, Dr. Stice suctions or trims fat, sculpts the chin and tightens muscles. The skin is then positioned up and back, removing the excess.

Facelifts are performed using either local or general anesthetic, depending on the patient and the extent of the procedure. After surgery, the patient’s head will need to be elevated to reduce swelling.

The best candidates for facelifts are healthy, nonsmoking people who are noticing the effects of facial aging but who still have some elasticity in their skin.

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